Who Are We?

What do we believe?

All the knowledge that ever was, is now, or ever will be is within you. It is the purpose of this school to teach its students how to access this knowledge, so that each person can pursue his or her own destiny and achieve the ultimate human experience—Christ Consciousness. Learn more

Where do we come from?

Learn about the history of the Holy Order of MANS from its inception in San Francisco in 1961. Read more


Meet our directors and contact them. Learn more

Friends and Partners

The Holy Order of MANS is an alliance of priests, ministers, teachers, and laypersons—dedicated to teaching and living the Ancient Mystery Teachings in today’s world. We are Friends and Partners because we value and respect each others’ ministries, and it is our sole purpose to band together in mutual spiritual support. Learn about our Friends and Partners, and link to their sites/social media. Read more