Where Do We Come From?

Initially our Order was organized as the non-sectarian Science of Man Church in San Francisco in 1961 by Reverend Earl W. Blighton. Classes and meetings on the Ancient Mystery Teachings were held by Dr. Blighton on a regular monthly basis and a church structure began to grow.

As the Brotherhood grew Father Paul, as he was known, and his wife Helen Blighton, known as Mother Ruth, created the monastic seminary called the Holy Order of MANS in 1968. It continued to be non-sectarian, and therefore not affiliated with any religion. It became an international organization with Order Houses in almost every state of the United States and several were abroad.

In 1974 Father Paul went through transition and the Order stayed in its current form until the mid-1980’s. By then most of the members had left. A few created organizations based on the HOOM curriculum and initiations. Meanwhile the HOOM itself evolved into an Orthodox Christian organization and the name and the teachings of the Holy Order of MANS were dropped. Eventually that Orthodox organization stopped functioning and dissolved its corporate structure so it no longer exists.

Meanwhile the Science of Man, on the web at ScienceofMan.org, was reactivated by Mother Ruth with a small number of members. They maintain a web site where some of the Order books may be purchased.

In February 2012 the Holy Order of MANS was once again incorporated in the State of California. The Order was assisted in its corporate filing at the California Secretary of State’s Business Programs by Ernesto Resurreccion, Corporate Documents Examiner. The Order continues to actively teach the original Order curriculum on the web at HolyOrderofMANS.org and in person. The Order books are now available for sale by the Holy Order of MANS through Amazon. The Sacraments, vows, and the Initiations are still being performed. Also, over the years other HOOM members have maintained these teachings so that we have become a group of Friends and Partners with locations across America once again.