HOOM Study Plan and Classes

Our basic Study Plan for new students begins with the Holy Order of MANS book called the Golden Force. This is considered a primer, or elementary textbook, which serves as a general introduction to the spiritual work of the Holy Order of MANS.

Included in these beginning classes are Bible study of the New Testament and Genesis, and spiritual exercises. Classes on concentration, meditation and retrospection are offered. In addition, as part of this initial study plan, are classes on the Tree of Life, which include chapters on religions from around the world. These materials were developed as a minor and unedited portion of study materials offered by the Holy Order of MANS that was augmented by considerable additional training materials and experiences including literature, lectures, and practicum.

This is our Study Plan (click on it to make it larger):

HOOM Tree of Life Study Plan

We give guidance on how to set up an altar for worship and communion services. We have on-line communion services and in a few locations in-person services and classes. We offer a Book Club based on spirituality from a wide base of authors.

Our more advanced study includes the Philosophy of Sacramental Initiation, Ministers Teaching Manual, 2nd Year Philosophy – Rise of the Golden Dawn, History of the White Brotherhood, and Book of Alchemy, to name a few of the topics.

Initiations offered by the Holy Order of MANS are Baptism, Illumination, Self-Realization, Priest Ordination and Mastery. We provide training in administering the Sacraments and how to teach our classes.

Please see our Calendar for current offerings. All classes are free of charge.

The web site HolyOrderofMANS.org has our books under their Literature section, which you can read for free. The ScienceofMan.org has our books and black & white Tarot cards, which can be ordered from them and payment for the books plus shipping is made to the Science of Man.

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