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The Science of Man

the science of man
The SOM’s current website is dedicated to the unfoldment, through understanding, of the Universal Laws of the Creator. It is their expressed purpose to bring forth the ancient Christian wisdom teachings as they were taught in the ancient of days.
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Rt. Rev. Mark Earlix

rt. rev. mark earl
Sensitive, open, and uncensored, Mark uses his gift of healing to see into the source of pain, emotional traumas, and physical diseases and conditions. He then connects to the person’s spirit to resolve those issues to end the suffering so they may fully heal. When therapists and medical doctors have reached their
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Order of the Mystical Christ

order of the mystical christ
The Order of the Mystical Christ brings modern psychology to the practice of Mystical Christianity. It combines the Ancient Wisdom Teachings as they were taught by the Holy Order of MANS with cutting edge methods for deep psychological and spiritual transformation. With five communities across the country, the OMC
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