A Gift of Light to the Planet Earth

As a gift to our planet, do the following visualization:

  1. Close your eyes. Sit quietly in a chair with your hands in your lap. Take three deep breaths through your nose and relax. Quiet your mind. Allow your thinking to slow down; let your thoughts pass by. Raise your arms slightly and turn your palms to face up. Place your attention on your palms. Your palms will begin to tingle.
  2. Now imagine each palm holding a ball of light. Be still, keeping your attention on these two balls of light that you are holding. The light will feel like it’s growing, getting brighter. Sit this way for a few moments.
  3. Take three slow, deep breaths through your nose.
  4. With your hands still facing upwards, imagine the planet earth is floating in front of you between your hands. See the thin shell of the atmosphere, complete with clouds and weather patterns. See the colors of the land and the sea.
  5. Very slowly rotate your hands to face each other, with the planet earth still floating between them. Now raise your hands just a few inches, with the earth staying between them. See the balls of light that radiate from your palms begin to merge into one light. You also see that the planet earth is now completely covered with light.
  6. Note that our ideas about space and size are very different than God’s. The Creator is everywhere so for It the idea of size does not exist. So what you are seeing is real. It IS the Earth.
  7. Now as a gift to the planet earth and to all of the beings residing upon it, imagine them receiving this light radiating from your palms into their hearts and the cells of their bodies. See them relaxed and at peace. Poised and balanced. Sit for a few minutes in silence imagining this.
  8. Take three slow, deep breaths through your nose.
  9. Surround yourself to a distance of 2 to 3 feet with the light that is radiating in front of you so that you are now sitting in the center of a ball of light. Draw all of the light and the Earth into your heart.
  10. Take three slow, deep breaths through your nose. You are now poised and balanced. Open your eyes.


“There is no great and no small to the Mind that maketh all.”  – Ralph Waldo Emerson