The Mystical Christ Blog

Need a way to focus your attention on what really matters?

Are you looking for a way to organize your spiritual life in a way that works for you?

The Mystical Christ is a rallying point, a place to go to refresh your thinking, to develop your understanding of the core teachings of Christian Mysticism and the Western Path of Sacramental Initiation.

Why is this important?

In order for the heavenly Teachers to impart their wisdom to you, you have to have a foundation of knowledge, a context through which their instruction can be received. This is the purpose of spiritual study. Otherwise, we could all simply meditate and get everything we need. But that would not help us live a spiritual life in this world.

Spiritual development requires action. Since it is nothing less than the reality of your being that you seek, you must bring your whole being to the task. This means that you must apply what you learn to your everyday life. No part of you can be left out. This is not something to acquire – it is becoming fully what you already ARE.

The Mystical Christ website is a series of lessons and exercises designed to give you everything you need to progress in your spiritual development. Most of the material is on this site, but there are some links to off-site resources. Be sure to explore these.

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