The Orange Exercise

Sit quietly in a chair with a hard back and just take it easy for a few minutes letting your thoughts slowly come to a halt.

Then looking at the orange which you have placed on a stand or clear table before you at about 1½ feet from you, examine slowly and completely the surface of the orange.

Then letting your eye slowly drift to the center of the orange, look within it as if you are imagining it as it is inside, but not really, for you ARE actually looking within it.

Let your eyes remain constant as you look within it and examine the various segments, shapes, colors, and sizes of the pieces and the seeds within the orange.

Then after you have done this for a few minutes, examine a seed and take it down to its shell and examine its many layers.

Then looking at the seed, see how it would look placed in the ground, then sprouting, bearing roots, and finally growing to a small bush, then a tree, and then bearing a blossom which blossoms into a fruit. You again have the orange. Let this be your exercise.

Remember that this simple exercise represents your universe, and that Jesus after he had taken on the Christ aspect, said that, “Only through me shall ye see the face of the Father.”

This orange is round like the Sun, in a similar shape. It is also the path to the Father because it represents in form and symbolism the shape of the Father, this Solar System.

It is also subdivided into segments, the same as the segments of the solar system, and its divisions for the calculation and the divining of the natal astrological chart. So the seeds of the orange are in symbolism the planets of the solar system in the different houses of the Zodiac.

Under the influences you gain control of mind so that you may reach the Mind of the Father, so that you may reach the SELF within, which you are seeking.

So we see that in this simple concentration exercise, which is more than 4,000 years old, we have the symbolism of the Father, the symbolism of the Son/Sun, and the symbolism of this solar system and life eternal.

If at any time during the exercise you stop and a thought slips in, or your attention drifts momentarily at any time, stop immed­iately and go back to the beginning, letting your thoughts drift out and slowly stop and then begin again.


The completed exercise should take between 10-15 minutes a day.