Check Out Our Beginning Study Plan

Check Out Our Beginning Study Plan

Curriculum – Holy Order of MANS

The Holy Order of MANS has a full Curriculum of Study. Our Study Plan was created when the Holy Order of MANS was a live-in monastery in the 1970’s, with members living a monastic lifestyle in Brother Houses and Sister Houses in every state of the Union, Latin America, and Europe.  That lifestyle has changed, the Brother/Sister Houses no longer exist, yet we still have a large interest in our teachings. Classes are held on Zoom and in person.

Topics covered in our Beginning Study Plan are the book called The Golden Force, Introductory Meditations & Spiritual Exercises, Bible Study, Creating a Home Altar, Sacraments, Tree of Life – Level 1, and Suggested Reading.

We suggest starting with our Beginning Study Plan located on our website  Please contact us if you have any questions or wish to talk with a Teacher.

Author: Rt. Rev. Margot Whitney

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