Tarot 22 Keys — The Major Arcana Coloring Deck

tarot 22 keys coloring deckThe Tarot Major Arcana, also called the 22 Trumps of the deck, represent the Path of Initiation and depict the workings of mind and soul on the Way of Enlightenment. As steps of Soul-unfoldment, the Tarot Keys unlock doors within you allowing for conscious realization of the Cosmos. Coloring the cards enables that awareness. You begin to recognize who you are, and awaken to how you fit in your world. Coloring instructions are included.

Boxed set: 26 black and white cards (5″ x 7″) on cardstock with coloring instructions booklet, $30 available from Amazon.


We recommend Prismacolor Watercolor Pencils (set of 12 or 24) for the best results coloring the cards. 

Companion book: Keystone of the Tarot with Meditations, a concise explanation of the symbology of Tarot. Learn more